Ariel Preferred Retail Group, LLC

Ariel Preferred Retail Group is a nationally active retail property management company with a particular focus on the value retail industry. The company was originally formed following Prescott's acquisition of a major portfolio of retail properties. Prescott intends to continue its investment in the retail sector through further acquisitions, the repositioning and expansion of existing centers, and the selective development of new properties. The retail sector presents a unique opportunity given the current dislocation in most areas of the retail marketplace.

Ariel's experience, market focus, and longstanding tenant relationships allow the company to capitalize on the many changes taking place in the rapidly evolving and consolidating retail industry. Ariel has worked with a broad array of property owners, developers, and lenders and its access to premier tenants and service providers in all parts of the retail industry provides critical assistance in establishing infrastructure and market presence. Ariel's expertise includes assets in the value retail sector, such as manufacturers' outlets and discount centers; properties in other related sectors of the retail market, including "big box", community, lifestyle, and neighborhood centers; and larger regional malls and mixed use properties.

Ariel provides consulting, operations and property management, leasing and development management, and marketing services for assets owned by both Prescott-sponsored entities as well as by third party owners in the retail industry. Ariel's services are suited to a broad range of owners' requirements. Ariel serves international developers, retailers and investors seeking to establish or expand a retail investment or operating program; institutional owners and financial institutions seeking to complete and/or reposition assets; owners of smaller portfolios seeking to benefit from a greater market reach and critical mass in the value retail sector or broader retail industry; owners/lenders of assets that are in transition and may require an interim operating solution; investors seeking to expand investment or operating programs in the retail sector; and domestic and international tenants and manufacturers seeking to expand their retail footprint in the U.S. and internationally.

In the retail assets it manages, Ariel provides attractive shopping environments in which tenants can showcase their brands and convey an image of consistency, high quality, and price integrity designed to attract knowledgeable, value conscious consumers and encourage repeat visits. Ariel maintains strong and mutually beneficial long term relationships with key tenants; enhances the tenant mix at each center; employs sophisticated market research, advertising, and merchandising techniques to attract shoppers and maintain consumer loyalty; monitors and enhances performance through intensive tenant and property management; and employs quality property operations and maintenance standards.

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