Professional Experience
Prescott's professionals concentrate on meeting complex financial and operational challenges and executing specialized investment strategies. The firm strives to maintain and enhance its base of talented and experienced professionals and prides itself on being able to offer investors and clients substantially more senior-level attention than is available from many other investment and financial advisory firms.

Firm Independence
Prescott is an independent firm, free of the many inherent conflicts that arise at larger financial institutions as a result of their various sales, trading, underwriting, research, and lending activities. Institutional, corporate, and private clients and investors have all developed a heightened sensitivity in recent years to instances of actual or perceived conflicts of interest, and have an increasing appreciation for the independent investment strategy and execution provided by a firm such as Prescott.

Professional Reputation
Prescott is a well known and respected firm in the real estate and financial sectors, and its “brand” has been carefully built over three decades. The firm is dedicated to developing and executing successful investment programs and to providing professional advisory and agency services in multifaceted strategic, operational, and capital raising assignments on behalf of property owners and investment groups, utilizing its global capabilities and comprehensive knowledge of the property markets.

Business Focus
Prescott is focused solely on two primary areas in the financial services sector: pursuing investment and asset management activities and providing investment banking and advisory services. This is in contrast to many groups that provide a disparate range of financial products and services. Prescott's principals believe the firm's business focus enables Prescott to be more agile in taking advantage of investment opportunities, more adept at responding to changes in market conditions, and more flexible in creating and executing business strategies that meet the investment objectives of its institutional and private client base.

Value Creation
The firm builds value through its keen understanding of operational and capital market opportunities, as well as its creative and disciplined approach to investment. Prescott's ability to apply pragmatic innovation and intellectual rigor to a broad range of investment opportunities has been instrumental in allowing the firm to maximize the creation of value in both assets and entities.

International Presence
Prescott is active globally, with international investment and advisory activities. Its clients, partners, and investors are located in all parts of the world and it maintains substantive business relationships with major global real estate and capital market participants. This highly developed network of international professional and personal relationships provides Prescott's principals with indispensable insights into both local and international commercial, economic, and political issues that affect the firm's businesses. Global access to both investment opportunities and capital is central to Prescott's business strategy.

Investment Approach
The firm's investment approach is specifically designed to foster varied investment strategies, support the sharing of information and expertise, and cultivate a cooperative, team-oriented environment. These priorities allow the firm to leverage its broader intellectual capital and network of relationships to gain unique perspectives on assets, markets, and investment opportunities.

Risk Management
Rigorous investment and operational risk management, as well as a focus on capital preservation, are important elements of Prescott’s investment approach. The firm recognizes that in increasingly complex investment markets, rapidly changing external economic and political conditions as well as operational deficiencies specific to a given investment can pose significant risks to investors. Prescott supports its asset management business with strong centralized financial and operational controls and risk management policies developed and managed by experienced professionals.

Strategic Balance
Prescott’s investment and asset management activities are uniquely complemented by its investment banking and advisory practice. Investment and asset management activities allow the firm to build its capital base and create long term value alongside its investor partners. Investment banking and advisory services generate current income and also expand the firm’s relationships with property owners, operating partners, and capital sources. Prescott’s investments are carefully defined and typically programmatic in nature, allowing for clear and focused strategies. Prescott also benefits from the many synergies created by its two areas of activity while minimizing the potential for conflicts.

Investment Professionals
The firm is committed to attracting and retaining exceptional professionals who are distinguished by their expertise, experience, work ethic, and disciplined investment processes. These professionals possess significant knowledge of a wide variety of investment strategies, property types, industry sectors, and regional economies.

Manager Designation
Prescott can be categorized as both an “Emerging Manager” and a “Woman-Owned Firm.” These designations are useful in expanding Prescott’s access to prospective new investor groups, particularly with pension funds, foundations, and endowments seeking diversity among fund managers in their allocation process, and underscore the entrepreneurial nature of Prescott’s ownership and management.

Professional Commitment
Prescott’s professionals are dedicated to being part of an independent firm in which their endeavors are at the core of its pursuits and in which a commitment to excellence and integrity informs their activities. This commitment is reinforced by the significant economic stake the firm’s senior principals have in the firm’s success. The strength of Prescott’s long term business relationships is a testament to the firm’s commitment to providing superior investment and advisory services to its clients.