Core Values

Prescott's relationships are based on a tradition of integrity and fairness developed over decades.

The firm is dedicated to offering independent and unbiased advice to its investors and clients. It limits its participation in business activities that could pose potential conflicts with their interests.

Prescott endeavors to provide investment and advisory service of exceptional quality, uniquely tailored to the specific needs of its clients.

Intellectual capital is one of Prescott's principal assets, and the firm focuses on attracting and retaining talented and capable professionals.

Prescott has an entrepreneurial culture that rewards individual initiative and achievement while emphasizing teamwork and shared goals.

Prescott is continually developing innovative solutions to meet its and its clients' investment objectives, constantly adapting as markets change and evolve.

Prescott's senior principals hold a majority ownership interest in the firm, managing its business activities with an owner's orientation toward the creation of long term value.

The firm is deeply aware of the importance of its conduct to its employees, partners, investors, clients, and community. It strives to maintain their trust in all of its endeavors.