Prescott Net Lease Capital, LLC

Prescott Net Lease Capital, LLC is an investment and asset management entity focused on the acquisition and management of properties in the net lease sector. It serves as the general partner for Prescott Corporate Properties, an investment vehicle created to make equity, equity-related, and mezzanine equity investments in office and industrial properties leased to corporate tenants on a net basis. The investment strategy of Prescott Corporate Properties is to purchase high quality single tenant properties in primary and secondary markets throughout the U.S. with intermediate and longer term net leases to creditworthy corporate tenants, creating a portfolio of net leased assets diversified by geography, tenancy, industry sector, and lease term. This strategy allows for the appropriate management of risk and facilitates growth of the overall investment program.

Investment criteria for the program include a total cost for each asset typically ranging between $15 and $75 million, leverage of between 50% and 65% of total asset value, and lease terms of between 3 and 15 years. Tenancy is typically targeted to corporate tenants that have a credit rating of BBB or higher (or the equivalent). Prescott Corporate Properties is focused on acquiring strong real estate assets in established corporate locations, with properties that are well positioned to generate a consistent, predictable current return and capture anticipated appreciation in property values over time. This insulates the investment program from the effects of rising interest rates and a flat yield curve and provides an attractive yield-enhanced vehicle to augment an investor’s fixed income portfolio. At the same time, the strategy benefits from investment in assets that provide the security of credit tenancy while capitalizing on improving real estate market fundamentals.