Investment and Asset Management

Prescott Capital Management, LLC
Prescott Capital Management is Prescott’s investment and asset management affiliate. Its activities are focused on the acquisition and asset management of real property on behalf of institutions, corporate entities, and private clients.

Prescott acquires high quality, income producing commercial properties located in targeted markets throughout the U.S. and internationally. Prescott’s investment products are structured for institutional and private investors and represent an opportunity for investors to participate in real estate based investments managed by sophisticated and experienced professionals. Prescott particularly sees significant underserved demand among individual investors and investment groups for investment in attractively yielding, institutional quality real estate assets that, to date, have often only been available to major institutional investors and sizeable private investment entities. These assets are typically acquired in conjunction with leading publicly and privately held real estate investment and operating companies and further benefit from Prescott’s in-depth asset management expertise.

Prescott accesses private capital through a group of wealth managers that serve the substantial private client, including private banks, brokerages, trust companies, family offices, financial advisors, and other financial service entities. Prescott sees a depth of demand for alternative product among these groups that serve the significant individual investor marketplace. These groups see increasing demand from their clientele for additional alternative investment opportunities, including private real estate options, to address portfolio diversification and return requirements. The highly competitive landscape of the wealth management industry creates significant demand for such investments as financial advisors respond to client demand that wealth managers offer a greater depth of sophisticated advisory support for alternative investment products.