Investment Products

Prescott takes a comprehensive approach to meeting the real estate investment requirements of institutional and private investors. Prescott can provide an investment strategy tailored to a client’s specific objectives and resources, regardless of the level of that investor’s real estate allocation. With Prescott, investors have the option of investing through 1) diversified portfolio investments; 2) targeted fund investments; and 3) separate account investment programs. All of these options afford the benefit of diversification both into and within the real estate asset class.

Diversified Portfolio Investments
Through Prescott’s diversified portfolio investments, sophisticated investors with smaller investment allocations can participate in the direct ownership of commercial real estate properties and portfolios with a typical minimum investment of US$500,000. By aggregating purchasing capacity, investors with a lower investment allocation can own commercial real estate assets of a quality and sponsorship ordinarily available only to larger investors. Similarly, Prescott’s diversified portfolio investments are structured with fee loads comparable to those of institutional investments. Portfolio investments are typically concentrated on one product sector, such as office, industrial, retail, hotel, or multi-family, and are undertaken in conjunction with experienced and respected operating partners.

Targeted Fund Investments
Working together with selected financial institutions, Prescott develops proprietary investment funds targeted toward specific investment strategies or market opportunities. Typical fund investments range in size from US$1,000,000 up to US$10,000,000. Prescott’s targeted fund investments provide an opportunity for investors to participate in unique, market driven investment vehicles that take advantage of evolving real estate and capital market conditions or market anomalies. Prescott’s targeted fund investments give sophisticated investors and their advisors the ability to make substantive direct property investments that optimally support a client’s specific investment objectives in the real estate sector.

Separate Account Invesments
For larger investors, Prescott creates separate account investment programs and provides a high level of individual service and attention. For these investors, Prescott can act as a full service investment office for real estate. Prescott will design, execute, and asset manage real estate investment programs that are custom tailored to a client’s specific requirements with respect to multiple investment criteria and objectives as well as to the client’s desired level of participation in the investment process. The larger client can build a diversified real estate portfolio without being part of an investor pool, but may additionally choose to participate in Prescott’s diversified portfolio and targeted fund investments as part of an overall investment strategy.