Executives Speak Out

(Commercial Property News)

May 1, 2006 - Do you think the collapse of the Dubai ports deal will inhibit Middle Eastern real estate investment in the United States?

Susan Stupin
Managing Director
The Prescott Group, LLC

It would be a real shame if the U.S. did not welcome Middle Eastern capital with the same spirit of enthusiasm, capitalism and openness for which this country is known, and which we continue to show to investors from other countries.

Many Middle Eastem real estate investors have only recently been able to deploy significant amounts of investment capital into growth opportunities in their own markets - the Middle East, Africa, India and Asia - because the expansion of those markets has become so dynamic.

These populations and economies are growing and experiencing needs for all categories of commercial real estate investment, as well as operating companies and infrastructure.

This has been a trend in place well before the ports issue surfaced, and it may divert investment capital to some extent from the U.S. and European markets.