Investment Activities

Prescott’s activities as an investor include:

Property and Entity Investments

  • Creating targeted investment programs and identifying and accessing specific investment opportunities.
  • Applying real estate, capital markets and financial expertise in determining the optimal capitalization for each investment.
  • Providing capital for acquisitions, structuring and securing complementary equity, debt, and mezzanine co-investment capital from institutional and other third party investors, as appropriate.
  • Supervising an experienced group of operating partners and service providers that bring significant development, management and operating expertise to each investment.
  • Providing strategic oversight and active asset management for the firm’s investments to achieve investment objectives

Current Investment Targets

  • Existing office, industrial, retail, and residential properties, portfolios and entities.
  • Corporate assets that have strong tenancy and attractive real estate fundamentals, as well as properties that may be suitable for re-tenanting and may be available due to corporate restructurings and reorganizations.
  • Hotel and resort assets and entities in multiple sectors of the hospitality industry that can be acquired at attractive pricing levels relative to underlying value.
  • Private and public operating entities that can serve as platforms for additional investment or development activity.

Asset Management

Prescott provides strong asset management capabilities and actively oversees experienced and professional real estate partners and operators whose property management and leasing services are provided on an incentive basis.  Prescott always retains ultimate control over its acquired assets and portfolios.  Prescott is skilled in all aspects of real estate investment, from the acquisition process to ongoing asset management and the application of market intelligence and capital markets expertise in harvesting value.  The successful execution of all these important disciplines is critical to achieving outstanding performance in the real estate sector.