Asset Focus

Burj Daman
International Financial Centre
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

As advisor and intermediary, Prescott’s strategy is to apply sophisticated financing techniques to individual assets, property portfolios and operating entities.  Individual transaction sizes typically vary between US$10 million and US$20 million for smaller assets to in excess of US$500 million for larger assets and portfolios.  Many assets enjoy strategic market positions and benefit from exposure to an international universe of active investors and capital sources.

Carambola Beach Resort
St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands 

Prescott raises capital for properties in multiple product sectors and is also experienced in all aspects of corporate owned real estate assets.  The breadth of Prescott’s market coverage and the volume of its transaction activity across multiple asset classes also afford access to capital sources not continuously active in property investment.  Prescott’s analytic capability is supported by its close working relationships with major U.S. and international law firms, accounting firms, and economic and property consulting groups.  These entities have unique transactional, market and demographic knowledge of primary, secondary and tertiary markets across a range of asset classes and regularly assist Prescott with specific transactions and corporate assignments.