Identity and Trademarks

The use and control of i) the name “Prescott” utilized in conjunction with certain real estate investment activities and the provision of financial advisory and investment banking services; ii) the names “Prescott Holdings,” “Prescott Investment Management,” “Prescott Capital,” “Prescott Services,” “Prescott Acquisitions” and “Prescott Corporate Properties”; iii) other names and identities associated with Prescott’s entities and activities; and iv) any successor names and identities relating to Prescott (collectively, “Prescott Identities”); rests solely with Prescott Holdings, LLC.

The logotypes and designs relating to the Prescott Identities, including i) the “Prescott” logotype used in conjunction with the “upward ramp” mark; ii) the “upward ramp” mark used singly; and iii) a capital “P” used in conjunction with the “upward ramp” mark (collectively, “Graphic Marks”); are registered or pending trademarks or service marks of Prescott Holdings, LLC.

Such Prescott Identities and Graphic Marks are used by various Prescott-related entities in this web site, as well as in other print, electronic and other formats, with the express permission of Prescott Holdings, LLC.